This is a Classic Chevrolet reverse gear for models made in the 1950's and '60's. Fits: Chevys 1955-63 without overdrive and 1958-63 with overdrive. The number for the part is AWT-266 10 D. It was remanufactured and has been in storage for several years. It was remanufactured by the Perfection Gear Company. It fits a 3-speed transmission. If you have any questions, call Bill at (606)269-4906.Ne...
Complete car, valid tags and registration, clear title, RUNS GOOD AND SMOOTH. this is the issue the car has---gt The car has a transmission cooler that is built inside of the Radiator, the radiator has cracked inside which has let coolant mix with the transmission fluid in the trans cooler, so currently it will not engage into reverse or forward gears, the radiator needs replacing or some coola...
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