This is a Classic Chevrolet reverse gear for models made in the 1950's and '60's. Fits: Chevys 1955-63 without overdrive and 1958-63 with overdrive. The number for the part is AWT-266 10 D. It was remanufactured and has been in storage for several years. It was remanufactured by the Perfection Gear Company. It fits a 3-speed transmission. If you have any questions, call Bill at (606)269-4906.Ne...
This is a New LS XR 3135 Tractor . This tractor has a 35Hp engine, 4x4 , has a synchro shuttle 16 forward 16 reverse gear transmission , has two sets of auxiliary hydraulic remotes , with 6 yr. warranty, comes with skid steer quick attach compatible front loader grill guard . Package includes 5ft rotary cutter 6ft box blade ...Call 606-528-0218
New LS XU6168CPS ...This tractor has a 68 Hp, engine, 4x4, has 16foward reverse gears power shuttle transmission, two spool auxiliary hydraulic remotes, 6 yr. warranty, comes with Cab, heat, air conditioner, stereo, and self leveling front loader with skid steer compatible hookup . With this package included is a 6ft box blade and 6ft rotary cutter ... Call 606-528-0218
LS MT345E This tractor is 45Hp with a Synchro shuttle 8 forward and reverse gear transmission,4x4, with 6yr. warranty, includes front loader with 2187 lbs. of lift capacity. Package includes 6ft rotary cutter and 6ft box blade . Other models available... Call 606-528-0218